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MonkeyHosting is a network with the aim of providing to anyone the service that they have always desired at a low price, but full of quality.



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About MonkeyHosting


About us

Hello there, I'm the CEO.
One day, I decided to create a no-profit community from zero to make Servers to all Players in the World!
I formed a Team, and i started programming, day and night, and...Yeah, I got success! We got a lot of records with our "Free TeamSpeak 3 Program". We are very happy about our work.
Then there was a big period of break where my team decided to leave the network. But I imposed myself and I continued alone on my way, and now I'm here, ready to start again!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer to everyone a good, powerful and low price service.

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Over 23k
Over 22k
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Over 315k
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24/7 h
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