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Our Overview.

Our heart


The Idea

The idea behind of MH Network is to provide to the customer the most suitable solution for him.
Our goal is to provide the best with concrete results, for this reason, over the years We have continued to improve by making new agreements with partners in order to find the best hardware for Our software.

We rely on the best to be the best!

We rely on the best services to ensure that our customers' services are always at the top
Among the many we mention:

  • Cloudflare for security and web delivery, guaranteeing the reliability of our resources
  • WHMCS for Hosting and Domain Automated Provisioning & Management, Billing and Support
  • CPanel offers lot of tools in order to create and automate all server management tasks of your web hosting

Hardware and Software

To guarantee each customer the best, we have developed an ever-expanding ecosystem, capable of self-managing and communicating between our suppliers's datacenters.

When the unexpected happens, MH System is able to calculate the best solution, it monitors the services of all our customers, it provides redundancy in case of failures and protects us from malicious attacks.

Virtual DataCenter, How does it works?

As it is physically not allocated in a fixed place, We could define Ours as a "Virtual DataCenter"

schema01.png As described in the diagram, MonkeyHosting groups together several Servers supplied by different Data-Centers of our Suppliers, in order to guarantee the most complete possibility of choice and customization of each client's project.

Our suppliers are able to provide us only "the best" with high-level performance.
They are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They exploit various technologies to allow continuous operation and any disaster recovery.
Servers have an excellent cooling systems and an ultra-redundant power supply, with high UPS autonomy in order to keep them always "alive".


The DataCenters on which we rely are designed to minimize its impact on the environment, without compromising the highest standards of reliability and performance. They are also powered by 100% renewable energy.


Network and routing, is managed independently to guarantee efficiency.
Currently core protection is provided by several load balancing servers as well as a routing pre-filtering system.

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