MonkeyHosting - Faqs


Why Customer love us

General Questions.

We are a No Profit Network specialized in various IT sectors, in order to realize our client's dreams. You can read about us at this page.


You could be an individual, a community, another network, an agency...
You need to be active, with an average flow of interest from external players.
You must have a social account, like a site, a forum, a YouTube channel...

How to join

Just send us a mail at [email protected], describing what you need and any other information. We'll contact you back asap.

If you want to help us, yes! All donations are used to pay our Dedicated Servers, If they advance, we use them to improve existing services.

Every Server has got as least 2 DNSs that points to him: the first one (s) means the ID of the Server, and it's used for https calls, the second one (like eu10) means the location of the Server.


Popular FAQ.

Your Teamspeak 3 Server has the duration specified in the contract.

This discourse varies from service to service.
Generally, the customer pays his own Server, necessary for his solution, and we keep a percentage for the maintenance of the project.

So, at the moment, absolutely no. We do many efforts to "go ahead". But in future...

Each Server is configured with a general AntiDDos protection, and a specific one according to the needs of the service in question.