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The Team will work on the project according to the defined specifications. The customer will be constantly updated about the progress of the work.

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Full Access to Files

All of our servers run Ubuntu 18.04, one of the most robust and stable Linux distributions. You are provided with full access to the server, enabling to administer your server via our control panel, and to access other services such as MySQL and connect via FTP to transfer files.


Our Minecraft Server Hosting Control Panel enables you to manage and administer a range of services and applications for free. These include a full LAMP stack consisting of Apache, MySQL and PHP. You also have access to an FTP server and RCON as well as tools such as PHPMyAdmin.

Mod & Plugin support

You can play using any possible plugin that is available using Paper, Sponge, Spigot and Bukkit. You can use the forge to create your own modpacks, combining your favourite mods. You can also install one of the many popular modpacks we have available such as SkyFactory, FTB Infinity, StoneBlock and many others.

DDoS protection

We understand that you expect your Minecraft server to be available to play all the time. We proactively monitor for DDoS attacks, even the smallest attacks, and then we automatically take steps to mitigate the attack. This means your server will not be forced offline by somebody who is randomly sending out DDoS attacks to public-facing servers.

Ultra-Low Latency

Ask any online gamer what’s is most important when it comes to online gameplay, and they will say its all about the ping. The better your latency the faster your access to the server, and the more responsive gameplay will be. We provide a number of locations around the globe, so you can choose the server location closest to you, to keep your ping times as low as possible.

Automated Backups

What happens if your server dies after you have spent many hours modding it and then playing Minecraft? Do you have to start all over from scratch? Of course not, we take regular offsite backups of every Minecraft server. We can restore your server from these backups if you need us to.

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